R&B Singer Avant: ‘Can’t Nobody Be Me But Me’

After several hit albums and over ten hit singles, R&B singer Avant says he just wants to be appreciated. Avant who left Geffen records last year to sign with capitol (J. Holiday, Cherish, LaToya Luckett), says he is glad he signed with a label that could take him to the next left instead of just meeting a revenue satisfaction. “I felt like I wasn’t being utilized in the right manner there,” Avant tells Singersroom of his previous deal with Geffen. “Once I got out the situation, I found out a lot of people wanted to deal with me. I had to make the right decision. Capitol was a better look for me. I had people that believed in me as an artist, plus they have the machine to take me to the next level.” Avant went on to say, “It was like oh we can give him 800,000 and that should keep him. I was trying to go to the next level. But once you become a business then they know what they are going to get from you. It’s like okay, that’s good enough. “ Avant also tells Singersroom that it’s fine if people compare him to R. Kelly or any other artists out there because everyone sounds like somebody else in today’s music industry. “I look at it like this. Music is not original,” says Avant. “Everybody sound like everybody. Is that killing people? It was cool when I had the comparison to R. Kelly, I guess I was the only one sounding like him but now everybody sounds like everybody. That’s just my opinion. Right now I’m the best at being me. I don’t care what nobody say, can’t nobody beat me at being Avant.” Find out more about our steamy conversation with Avant by reading the full interview.


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