Four Kings Productions CEO Issues Statement Regarding Chrisette Michele’s Impending Lawsuit

In response to the July 11th lawsuit filed against him by Island Def Jam recording artist Chrisette Michele, Four Kings Productions CEO, Douglas “Biggs” Ellison has released the following statement: “As Chrisette Michele’s manager, I negotiated Chrisette’s six-figure contracts with Island Def Jam, EMI April Music and SESAC. The combined deals totaled over a million dollars, and closed within three months of each other. The Island Def Jam deal was closed in only four days. The allegations of any wrongdoings against Chrisette on my company’s behalf are shocking. Four Kings Productions invested an abundance of time and resources to the growth and success of Chrisette Michele, playing a very instrumental role in Chrisette’s artistic and overall career development. We appreciate the support of her fans and the media’s embracing of Chrisette Michele. We are proud and ecstatic that she is being recognized as the star we always knew she was. We will continue to show Chrisette Michele unwavering support and work hard behind her projects, and we look forward to a speedy resolution.” Built on the principle that “relationships are everything”, the multifarious entertainment entity Four Kings Productions officially launched in 2004, under the business prowess and savvy of CEO, Douglas “Biggs” Ellison. Implementing their own present day concoction of a Berry Gordy-esque inspired formula, the resolute seekers of raw, unique talent provide artist management and development, production, marketing, website development and graphic design. Ellison met Chrisette Michele and was instantaneously blown away by Chrisette’s beautifully distinctive voice. After this recognition and an epiphany, Ellison sought to exercise his strong business acumen and firm belief in Chrisette’s talent to secure the songstress a recording contract.


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