Michael Jackson Smells Conspiracy

Before they were out for his best interest, but now, Michael Jackson claims a group of attorneys who once worked for him have been conspiring to bring him down. The King of Pop announced on Monday that he?s come across documents showing that former attorneys, associates and advisers of his were plotting to force him into bankruptcy court. His spokesman and manager, Raymond Bain, deigned to call it possibly ?one of the biggest conspiracies in entertainment history.? Bain refused to release names, but she said that certain lawyers were trying to recruit supporters for a petition that would lead to Jackson?s ruin. Jackson has charged his legal team with looking into the alleged conspirators and filing lawsuits accordingly. Bain didn?t describe the documents or who provided them, but he said, ?There is a strong possibility that these documents will be forwarded to the U.S attorney general for review and possible involvement.? Bain didn?t give any reasons why Jackson?s former associates would have such a vendetta. ?That?s what we?d like to find out. But Michael Jackson was neither shocked nor surprised. He?s always been suspicious that some of those whom he entrusted to ct on his behalf?may not have acted in his best interest.? Indeed, Jackson has been dropping associates left and right following his acquittal on molestation charges last summer.


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