Beyonce Says Check On It Was A Joke

Beyonce is starring alongside Steve Martin and Kevin Kline in the big screen comedy The Pink Panther. Meanwhile, the tune she contributed to the film, “Check On It,” featuring Slim Thug and co-produced by Swizz Beatz, has already risen to the Number One spot on Billboard’s Top 100 songs chart. The tune is included on the Destiny’s Child album, #1s. The Destiny’s Child diva says that initially the track was a throwaway from a previous project, but she remembered its comic spirit when it came time to supply music to the Pink Panther film. She never imagined it would be a hit tune, as Beyonce stated: “‘Check On It’ started out as a joke because I got a really bad track and I couldn’t write anything to it, so we started playing around and started saying ‘check on it!’And I remembered it, and when they said they wanted something for the movie I thought, well, even though it’s silly it’s fun. And this movie is a comedy and it’s all about fun. So I finished writing it, put the Pink Panther theme music in the beginning and shot the video. And it became a Number One song.” Beyonce has already begun shooting her role as Deana in the all-star film version of Dream Girls. She says she has also begun writing songs for her next solo project. Meanwhile, Destiny’s Child has announced its retirement, the glam trio will make another farewell appearance February 19th at the NBA All Star Game in Houston. Beyonce will join Kelly Rowland and Michele Williams to perform the national anthem at the 55th annual basketball blowout. Source: HipHop Hovoc


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