22 05, 2013

Ray J ‘Done With Celebrity Chicks,’ Talks New Album, ‘Bad Girls’ and Frank Ocean

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Ray J accepts all criticism that has come his way since the release of "I Hit It First," the controversial song aimed at Kim Kardashian. That said, he is through dating "celebrity chicks."

12 05, 2013

Ray J Talks ‘Bad Girls All Star Battle’: ‘It’s Out of Control’

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"I Hit It First" singer/songwriter Ray J will appear as host of "Bad Girls Club All Star Battle" in just over a week. Explaining his decision to return to reality TV as a host (sans "For The Love of Ray J"), Ray J felt like "Bad Girls Club..." was a "perfect match."

13 04, 2013

Ray J’s “I Hit First” Shock Value Earns Top Position on Top 10 Most Popular R&B Singles

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It may be for the comedic or shock value but either way Ray J has regained people’s attention with the release of “I Hit First.”

11 04, 2013

Ray J Teases ‘I Hit It First’ Music Video: ‘We Are Having Fun’

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If you thought Ray J was going to go away quietly after releasing "I Hit It First," think again. The host of Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club: All Stars" is shooting a music video for the purported Kim Kardashian diss record and he's absolutely loving all the attention that he's getting from his "concept" record.

8 04, 2013

Ray J Denies Dissing Kim Kardashian: ‘It’s Just A Record Yo’

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Ray J says people are going too far with his new song and the cover art for it. Denying that it has anything to do with 'hitting' Kim Kardashian before Kanye West, Ray J called in to New York's Hot 97 to clear things up Monday morning.

6 04, 2013

Sound Off: Is Ray J Asking For Trouble With New Single “I Hit It First”

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It seems Ray J is still not over Kim Kardashian or maybe he's not cool seeing her happy with another man. The R&B crooner is set to release his new single on Monday entitled, “I Hit It First” featuring Bobby Brackins...

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