Ray J Teases ‘I Hit It First’ Music Video: ‘We Are Having Fun’

If you thought Ray J was going to go away quietly after releasing "I Hit It First," think again. The host of Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club: All Stars" is shooting a music video for the purported Kim Kardashian diss record and he's absolutely loving all the attention that he's getting from his "concept" record.

"The video is coming next week. I can’t compare it to an SNL skit, I can’t compare it to a spoof but we are having fun about my life. It’s so light. Of course the video is going to have those elements because we are having fun and people know what the concept about but we are kind of taking a spoof on my life," Ray J said in a recent interview.

While you wait on the foolery that will come with that video, Ray J admits that Brandy is not happy about the song or his way of doing things. Still, he thinks this was the best way to "set up" what he has coming in the next few months.

"I gotta be honest with you, Brandy’s a bit upset. I haven’t talked to her because I know what type of lecture I’m going to get. Brandy is a whole different type of person. She lives in a different kind of world. I’m way more turnt up, my lifestyle is way more on the edge. For her, a lot of things I do, she might not understand but I can say she has my back," Ray J told Civil. "Of course, it’s a record that has a lot of controversy to it. We can’t deny that. From an independent marketing strategy, we felt it was the perfect way to impact and set up all the different projects we have coming out."