2 11, 2018

Morrisa Jeanine Drops ‘Perfect Day’ + ‘VISIONBELLE’ EP

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R&B newcomer Morrisa Jeanine releases her new EP, VISIONBELLE, a project that sees the singer and songwriter vocalizing her journey to healing. The combination of harmonically-rich songs and cleverly-written songs embedded in Morrisa's goal of motivating and enlightening her listeners makes for a superb offering. A standout track from the project is "Perfect Day," a song that features soulful and tender vocals boosted [More]

30 04, 2013

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Morrisa Jeanine “The Good Ol’ Stuff” Mixtape + “Dirty Ol Clothes” Video

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Her first independent project is the The Good Ol' Stuff mixtape, a compilation of hit 90's tracks with Morrisa's own lyrical statement, including the below "Dirty Ol' Clothes."