11 10, 2018

Jonny Parks – Tsunami

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Independent R&B artists Jonny Parks commands our attention with his sultry new single, "Tsunami." In the accompanying music video, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist posts up on a wall as he delivers the eargasmic and lush vocals. Born in Westchester, NY, Parks began playing classical guitar at 16 and singing by 19, incorporating Soul, Jazz, R&B, and Blues into his repertoire of sound. With the [More]

15 05, 2017

NYC Singer-Songwriter Jonny Parks Isn’t All ‘Smoke And Mirrors’

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The soul-blues feel of this song will take you back into time as Parks pleads for his love to give him a call. The visual sees Parks as the subject of a VHS-like recording as he laments in the middle of nowhere.