16 03, 2017

JoLivi Unveils “Love Who You Wanna Love” Video

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Pop artist JoLivi releases the music video for her latest single "Love Who You Wanna Love". The clip takes viewers on a journey of discovery and realization, much like the original track. JoLivi gathers members and allies of the LGBTQ community as she sings in encouragement, "Be who you wanna be, love who you wanna love, change if you wanna change." "I [More]

30 11, 2016

Jolivi Launches New Single “Love Who You Wanna Love”

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JoLivi releases her new single "Love Who You Wanna Love," a record that opens a new chapter for the pop singer and songwriter: openly identifying as bisexual. This track begins a new conversation for JoLivi, personally and as an artist. "'Love who you want to love' is an expression of how I believe everyone should go through life---and that is [More]

17 09, 2016

JoLivi Releases Music Video For “Chains”

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LA-based pop artist JoLivi has released the video for her summer single "Chains." This track comes from JoLivi's latest EP, Just For You, released earlier this year. The full project is available for purchase here: http://goo.gl/mK62Sg [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/e3pr9TyJy_s" width="720" height="480"] JoLivi told NKD Magazine, "I wanted the video to be simple but also express the feelings of being weighed by [More]