17 04, 2015

Jamie Foxx Announces New Album, ‘Hollywood’, Slams a Thirsty Ex, Bigs Up and Performs With Chris Brown

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During an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' recently, the Oscar-winning actor and singer discussed the upcoming project, insisting he went back to the piano for some of the songs, and he also confirmed that the set's title and song, 'Hollywood,' evolved from a real life dating experience.

30 03, 2015

Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown Perform “You Changed Me” at 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards

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In the first live debut of the single, Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown delivered a suave performance, which kept fans on their feet.

3 02, 2015

Another One! Jamie Foxx Tapped For ‘Sleepless Night’ Film

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Jamie Foxx, 47, has another new film in the making. The Oscar-winning actor and singer has been tapped for the leading role in 'Sleepless Night,’ a remake of the 2011 French version, which was originally titled, 'Nuit blanche.'

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