Jamie Foxx Announces New Album, ‘Hollywood’, Slams a Thirsty Ex, Bigs Up and Performs With Chris Brown

Jamie Foxx will follow up his Chris Brown-assisted single, "You Changed Me," with the brand new album, Hollywood, his first effort in five years.

During an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' recently, the Oscar-winning actor and singer discussed the upcoming project, insisting he went back to the piano for some of the songs, and he also confirmed that the set's title and song, 'Hollywood,' evolved from a real life dating experience.

"Sometimes the person that you're dating is really not into you, it's maybe like a step up to whatever is next. I found this out in a weird way," Foxx tells Kimmel on how 'Hollywood' came about. "I was supposed to go to a premiere and I got like a 104 temperature. So I'm laying in the bed and the girl that I was dating at the time says [what are you doing?]." He further explains how she wanted to attend because she had a new dress and that people wanted to see her on the red carpet before he told her to leave and don't come back. "That tripped me out," he says of her thirst for shine.

Before Foxx hit the outdoor stage for a sultry live performance of "You Changed Me" with Chris Brown, he had a few kind words to say about his collaborator.

"I just saw Chris Brown with his little daughter backstage; it was absolutely mind blowing…tears for everybody," says Foxx.

Foxx rejects any scrutiny in working with Brown, insisting, "I've known Chris since he was 15, [some] people don't get a chance to see Chris on the inside, like when he comes and dances with my sister, who has down-syndrome for hours at the crib… it's some really blessfull things that this kid has to offer."

Check out the performance below as well as a sketch.

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