19 10, 2019

Brik.Liam Releases New EP “What’s The Matter, Brik?”

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We personally hope nothing is wrong with Mr. Brik.Liam! R&B crooner Brik.Liam releases the new EP 'What's the Matter, Brik?' Marking his Morton Records debut, the project is a multi-layered, transparent journey through the concept of physical transformation: the tracks are named for all four states of matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma), intersecting the transitions that come between (Sublimation, Condensation, [More]

4 10, 2019

Brik.Liam Drops “Some Other Dude” Single; Announces Morton Records Debut

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Independent R&B/Soul artist Brik.Liam is in a sharing mood. The singer and songwriter released a new music video for the single "Some Other Dude," and he also announces the release of his debut EP, What's the Matter, Brik?, out October 18th via Morton Records. In the clip, Brik shares screen time with a female companion. Along with paying homage to [More]

14 02, 2018

Pule – Get You Feat. Brik.Liam

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Just in time for your Valentine’s Day night playlists, Atlanta Hip-Hop artist Pule drops a smooth rap ballad remix to Daniel Caesar’s 2017 hit “Get You,” which is sure to keep his fans buzzing. Admitting, “I’ll walk miles for you, East Point to Decatur,” the lyricist is in top form, exchanging witty one-liners with more deeper observations into the soul [More]