17 11, 2017

Ayelle Calls Out Male Entitlement on New Single, “Silverplates”

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If you're one of those privileged males, open your ears because Ayelle is putting you on notice. On her Parisian-produced bittersweet new single, "Silverplates," the Swedish-Iranian singer/songwriter uses melodic seduction to pull on her listeners' heartstrings while tackling a topic that's socially important, especially as of late with all the women coming to the forefront about sexual assaults and misconducts. “Silverplates [Read More]

12 10, 2017

AKAY Taps Ayelle For The R&B Slow Burner, “Lights Out”

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Producer AKAY summons the soulful voice of Swedish-Iranian singer Ayelle for the emotionally-rich new single, "Lights Out," a song about "falling for someone who is unavailable, but they're falling for you too, and you have to savor every moment you have together in the dark."

14 02, 2017

Ayelle – Issues

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Swedish-Iranian songstress Ayelle has kicked off 2017 with latest single "Issues." Produced by the Berlin duo BLYNE, "Issues" is yet another confronting track from the London-based artist, all communicated amidst an electronic RnB and trap influenced soundscape. Ayelle explains "Issues" is about surviving an abusive relationship. "Abusive personalities can make you feel as if you can’t live without them, their love, or [Read More]