23 09, 2015

Adele Eyes November For Release Of Upcoming Album

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Adele’s musical return is upon us...Reports are the UK songstress is prepping the follow-up to her multi-platinum album 21 (which spawned the hits “Rolling in the Deep” and “Rumour Has It”) with her third release in November...

18 07, 2014

Update: Adele’s Record Boss Says Hold Your Horses on Rumored Album

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Rumors began circulating around a 2015 album from Adele after The World Music awards twitter account tweeted: "#adele confirms 2015 Tour After The Release Of Her New Album '25'"

7 01, 2014

Adele Readying New Album? Songwriter Confirms New Work

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Will Adele return to music with a new studio album this year? According to songwriter William Orbit, he has been tapped to do some writing for the upcoming follow up to her massive album "21."

20 12, 2013

Adele’s “21” lands Her in British Royalty, Honored With “MBE” Medal By Prince Charles

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With only two albums to her resume, it seems Adele has pretty music secured every honor that’s available for a music artist.

9 06, 2013

Adele Leads Britain To Record Global Album Market Share Shift

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British recording artists have become immensely successful, leading to a brand new record in terms of Global album market share. According to recently released figures, British acts accounted for 13.3 percent of albums sold in 2012 -- the biggest share on record.

22 04, 2013

Adele, Simon Cowell Make Sunday Times ‘Rich List’

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Adele and Simon Cowell are among the UK's wealthiest entertainment figures. According to the Sunday Times, both are within the top 20 on the annual rich list, a listing of the country's top earners, including Mark Burnett, author J.K. Rowling and Elton John.

10 04, 2013

Adele Illuminates Elle’s 2013 Women In Music Issue

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Elle magazine and a few women in music sing praises for Adele in the just revealed "Women In Music" 2013 issue. A cover image and a few shots from the actual shoot were released by Elle Tuesday, showcasing an elegant Adele and a fun spirited Alicia Keys enjoying what is said to have been a unique and in some ways, a historic shoot.

18 02, 2013

Adele Considering Las Vegas Concert Residency?

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Could Adele be joining Britney Spears in Las Vegas in the next year? According to trusted sources, the recent Grammy winner and mother of one is considering a number of proposals for residency that would begin sooner-rather-than-later.

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