Adele Considering Las Vegas Concert Residency?

Could Adele be joining Britney Spears in Las Vegas in the next year? According to trusted sources, the recent Grammy winner and mother of one is considering a number of proposals for residency that would begin sooner-rather-than-later.

"Adele is top of the Vegas hit-list and she's seriously considering it as an option," a source told the Daily Star Monday. "She wants to get back to performing but doesn't want to go on the road so soon after becoming a mom."

Like Spears, Adele would benefit from the Las Vegas residency, being able to work and be a mom in one place, versus recording an album and touring in support of it for months on end.

Sources say Adele is highly considering the offers and has even enlisted Elton John for some advice. Elton performed at Caesar's Palace during a lengthy residency.

Adele is also writing for her forthcoming third studio album.