Coming in 2015: New Adele Album ’25’ & Tour

After taking a much needed break from all of 2011’s 21 success and having a baby, Adele is rumored to be returning to music soon; according to The World Music awards twitter account yesterday (July 15), they tweeted: “#adele confirms 2015 Tour After The Release Of Her New Album ‘25’!” Numerically named just like her previous albums 19 and 21, 25 is allegedly named after her age when recording it.

And not only that, according to the British tabloid newspaper The Daily Star, the “Rolling In The Deep” singer is planning on “pulling a Beyonce” and dropping her third album surprise style via iTunes. A source states, “The shock tactics worked amazingly well for Beyoncé and the feeling is Adele’s new album is so widely anticipated it doesn’t need a long promotional build-up.”

Well if true, it’s not a surprise anymore!