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Chris Brown Responds to Anger and Drug Addiction Claims; Is Karrueche Baiting Him?

Chris Brown is defending his character, again, following a story by Billboard which highlights his alleged addiction to drugs and anger issues.

In the lengthy story, Billboard interviewed several people who used to work with Brown to support Brown alleged issues. Below are some excerpts from the article.

  • His drug of choice is molly or coke but has recently used lean (codeine syrup). His security guard would often stay up late to check Chris’ pulse after a drug binge.
  • He’s bipolar and has been taking medication since 2014
  • He’s been to rehab twice and kicked out both times.
  • He never wants to hear he has no money and blames everyone else when his funds run low.
  • When sober, he’s kindhearted and loving, but when using, he’s angry.
  • A member of his crew recalls Chris screaming at his tour manager, Nancy Ghosh, threatening to beat her up because she asked his cousin not to smoke weed on the tour bus.
  • During a video shoot for Grass Ain’t Greener, he disappeared and was found passed out in a bathroom two hours later.
  • His crew believes he’s never going to get well. He’s hit rock bottom, and has no desire to change his lifestyle.

Instead of releasing a statement through his publicist, Brown took to social media to deny the claims against him.

“Man, ya’ll gotta stop with this angry sh*t; going through drugs and all this other sh*t,” states Brown in a video posted. “I’m tired of reading about some sh*t soon as I got something poppin’. Soon as I wanna promote a tour or party, a f*cking album, anything, y’all bring up something.”

He continued: “Why are y’all concerned with what girl I’m talking to or who I’m dating or who I’m seen with? I’ll be seen with whoever I wanna be seen with; just like you can be. People could be whoever they wanna be.”

Brown then ends the video by showing off his lot of luxury cars, insisting, “I am not hurting out here, trust me, y’all ni**as got it f*cked up.”

Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, who recently secured a restraining order against the Grammy-winning R&B singer, which forces him to stay 100 yards away from her, liked the video response.

With the injunction against Brown, it’s unclear if he can communicate with Karrueche via the internet, but we’re guessing he can’t. This begs the question: Is Karrueche baiting Brown to make a mistake or is she genuinely concerned about his well-being?

As for who Brown is dating or seen with, the below video may help. Oh yeah, it’s explicit in language.


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