Chante Moore Talks R&B Divas: L.A., Not Being Pristine, New Music, More

Chanté Moore has been making music for over two decades and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. For Moore, music is a journey and the R&B/Jazz singer is now ready to share that journey on camera for the world to see; on the hit show R&B Divas' spinoff, R&B Divas: L.A. Moore will be joined by Kelly Price, Lil' Mo, Claudette Ortiz, Michel’le, and Dawn Robinson in the new season of TV One’s popular series. The show is ideal for fans to get a chance to know more about Moore. There's a lot people want to know about when it comes to singer, from her in-person personality to her split from husband and fellow R&B singer and frequent collaborator, Kenny Lattimore. While Moore kept mum on some aspects of her personal life, she did share a lot about being apart of the reality show spinoff, her new music, balancing her career with raising her kids, and more.

Joining the R&B Divas spinoff, R&B Divas: L.A.: Because their focus is on music and the integrity of the women that they invited to be apart of this project. The way they presented it was they would be focusing on music and making sure our integrity is kept throughout the project.

Filming: A little strange, a little weird; the entire time you are talking to someone and the cameras are watching you at every second, that’s a little different for me. But the ladies are all really fun to be around so, so far, so good.

Being close to her cast mates: Kelly and I knew each other best, but not your everyday call you on the phone kind of friend, but any time we saw each other out and about we would say hello but we’ll get to know each other from this point out.

What fans will learn: Well I think fans have an impression of me that’s more conservative and maybe pristine, maybe, but I’m not that at all. I’m not pretentious at all. I’m pretty goofy and I like to laugh a lot, so I think that will be the most surprising is how easy going I am most of the time.

Getting personal on the show: I don’t know yet how it’s going to unfold exactly. I don’t anticipate my children being on. Maybe my oldest daughter Sophia, possibly, but I don’t think the little one will be on there.

Balancing career and raising kids: It’s all I know. My daughter came after I began making music, so the balance is really they come first no matter what. I go to work so that I can take care of them. The other part of work is because I love it. They come first, I love them more than my music, making music, or anything. The balance is that if anything is going on in their lives then I’m there. The beautiful part about doing what I do for a living is usually we work weekends, most of the time we’re home.

Upcoming music: I have an album coming out next month, called Moore, M-O-O-R-E. It’s a reflection of who and where I am at this moment in my life. It reveals more than what I will in this interview [laughs].

Collaborating with Divas cast members: Quite possibly, we’ve been talking about it so we’ll see what we can make happen.

The direction of R&B: It is what you make it. I know that each one of us who are from the old school are a little more, I would say, more seasoned individuals in the industry. We’re still making music, a lot of us, and I think that helps balance out the industry, but I do believe that new artists are becoming more sensitive to quality, and making sure their voices are heard in a way that is not offensive. It seems they have a very strong music sense or musicality about them. I think that is the best part, that each one of us expresses ourselves in a way that presents integrity so I appreciate those who are doing that. And it’s up to us as the consumers as well because we buy. We can’t blame other people. We have to look at ourselves as well and say ‘what am I supporting, what am I buying, what am I allowing my children to buy?’

R&B artists that inspire her: Wow, the first name that came to mind was Prince. I love him, his music is so universal and colorless. I like people from Teena Marie to Kim Burrell, I absolutely love her voice and the way she hears music is just inspiring. Kelly Price also is wonderful, I love to hear her sing, she reminds me a lot of an Aretha Franklin or Gladys Knight, a kind of gritty soulful sound that hits you in the gut when they sing.

Two decades and counting: It’s my life; it’s what I love to do. There’s nothing I love more than writing music and singing songs. It is a journey in music that makes me happy, that continues to make me want to make it. Whenever I have emotions of any kind it makes me want to write a song about it. Music is a journey and I know it sounds cliché to say music is my life, but music reflects my life absolutely.