Ciara Talks Being a Soldier, Overcoming Obstacles, Being a Soccer Mom, The Future, More

Ciara has dealt with her fair share of ups and downs in her professional career. Not one to be defeated, the R&B singer-songwriter finds strength through life experiences and her lessons growing up as an only child. Now gearing up for the release of her fifth studio album, One Woman Army, the 27-year-old has her eyes on more personal and professional success, while learning from past hurdles. Singersroom chopped it up with CiCi about her upcoming LP, challenges, being a soccer mom, love, and the future.

Check out some excerpts below:

Being a Soldier
.. One Woman Army is a very very real album for me. It’s a very exciting album…I’m very free in my thoughts. It represents my independence as a woman, but it’s not about being over independent. It also represents the concept of I’m a soldier and I can stand tough through the toughest times…but I also need a soldier that’s going to stand on the frontline with me and be strong.

Beating The Challenge .. What good would life be without challenges? That’s what life is, life isn’t perfect every day. You will be faced with obstacles and at that moment when you are, it’s up to you. I like to take on that mentally of knowing when something may not be going so perfectly that it’s happening for a reason and there is something I’m suppose to get out of it.

Flipping Time … If I could do things over again, I would definitely do some things differently, however, I am appreciative of all the things that I have experienced before now and I’m looking forward to the future. Am I in a happy place? Absolutely. Am I satisfied? No. I looking forward to doing so many more things…I get excited when I think about my future.

Growing up … I was really spoiled with love…I was very experimental because I’m an only child so I had to figure out a lot of things on my own. I used to wish for a brother or sister, but now I’m actually happy that I grew up as an only child…

Ten Years From Now … Musically, hopefully I would of done at least three world tours, more Grammys; I would definitely be married by then and I feel like my life would definitely be more settled.

Soccer Mom
… I definitely will be the mom that will be preparing my kids their lunch and taking them out to their events and cheering them along the way.

Love is Everything … Without love you have nothing…What good is life without love? You gotta have that in the foundation of what you do or whatever you have won’t last or it won’t stand.

Ciara recently released her brand new single, “Got Me Good,” from her forthcoming album, One Woman Army. Watch it HERE

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