112 In Talks For New Album and Reunion Tour

Could R&B group 112, responsible for hits like “Cupid,” “Peaches & Cream” and “Anywhere,” reunite with not only an album but a reunion tour?

According to Q. Parker, the group has been having conversations about getting back together.

“The relationship with 112 is great. We were actually on the phone talking about a possible reunion tour and maybe an album next year. So for those that want to know if we’ll ever do another album, we’ve actually started conversations about it,” Parker told Baller Status this week.

While Parker is optimistic, he admits there is a lot more to be done before fans hear any music from the group.

“… For right now, we’re just in conversation.The next stage would be recreating the excitement by going into the studio and recording some songs. Once that happens ,the process starts to be implemented and then we’ll come to that decision if we’ll go with a major or independent [label],” says Parker.

For now we can look forward to Q. Parker’s solo album, “The MANual.” Led by the single “Show You How,” the album is on its way.