Young People’s Influence on Popular Music and Popular Music’s Influence on Young People

Young people today access the internet many times more daily compared to middle-aged
adults. Recent data show about 95% of teenagers in the US use smartphones daily. Most
of them go online multiple times daily. They plug into music streaming apps and share
with friends online.

The youth engage in discussions about popular music multiple times with different
friends. Music influences youth fashion, culture, socialization, and product choices . They have a greater influence on popular music and vice versa.

How the young people run the popular music industry

The music industry in the US has undergone tremendous changes. It hasn’t been easy
for the industry to sustain itself for many years. Stakeholders in this field have had to look for better ways to survive. Technology has come at the right time and helped the industry to be self-sustainable.

It has brought into the scene better ways to protect your music from piracy. Technology
has also changed the type of tunes artists create and the type of consumers. It has
attracted into the industry a new generation of artists.

At the forefront of the industry are young Generation Z artists. They are moving the
masses with their new styles of popular music. They have composed new styles of US popular music such as R&B, pop, rock, techno, and hip hop. Some of them are still in
their teens, but they are making a great impact.

Young people use music to express feelings in different ways. Some express anger, joy,
appreciation, or passion. Every genre has a significant effect on the youth. College
students listen to music for different reasons. Some want to focus while studying, while
others want to compose their own lyrics. Music influence has attracted many students to
join music schools. Success in education depends on the effort a student makes to learn.
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Who are the youngest artists on stage?

The list of young people who are influencing the popular music industry is long. It
includes singers such as Coi Leray, Asian Doll, and Denzel Curry. Coi Leray startedperforming at 16 with her best work, such as Huddy and No More Parties. The Asian Doll
is influencing the R&B field with her releases. At 20, she has succeeded in releasing
songs such as Pull Up and So Icy Princess.

Conan Gray was born in 1997 but is making a big influence in the industry. At 24, he
released songs such as Yours, Heather, and Memories. Lil Nas X is 23 years old and is
influencing the fields of Hip Hop, Pop, and Rap. His famous song Old Town Road broke
the hot 100 records for 19 weeks.

Songs by these young artists are receiving millions of views. The list of new young artists is growing daily. They are taking over arenas and controlling what trends online with a big bang. In the modern US, youth culture and music are intertwined.

Influence of popular music on young people

Nearly every young person loves to listen to peppy tunes. They love listening to what is
trending to fit better in their social groups. Some of the trending genres they listen to are heavy metal, rap, electronic, dance hall, hard rock, and hip hop.

Popular music controls the youth culture across a wide field. This ranges from
relationships, sexuality, education, fashion, and general lifestyle. Lyrics in a song have the power to influence a young person’s behavior, including how they do their tasks.

Most popular genres trigger excitement and joy in the youth. Some of them get deeper
confidence to complete tasks such as academic assignments. Music makes them feel
relaxed after the day’s challenges. They sing along with the lyrics with friends or while

The dance and movements benefit their mental and physical health. Their fashion gets
influenced by the artist’s dressing code. Some of them could even copy the artist’s
behavior, whether positive or negative.


Modern popular music has a huge influence on the youth. Attracted by the popular artists
of the 1980s and 1990s, young people today are leaders in entertainment. Young artists
have joined the music industry in their teenage and early 20s. They have revolutionized
the industry under new popular music culture. On the other hand, it has a big influence
on young people. It starts with fashion to socialization, youth culture, and lifestyle.

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