Markiedee Jr releases new album “Modern Day Blues”

‘Modern Day Blues’ from the Album ‘Modern Day Blues’

Singer/songwriter Markiedee Jr – ‘Modern Day Blues’ album artwork

On May 6, the Queens NY-based R&B singer and performer, MarkiedeeJr has just released his latest album “Modern Day Blues”. The prolific artist dropped this album less than two months after his last music video “Treat You Right” (released in March this year).

The album trailer for “Modern Day Blues” aired on Instagram on April 29. MarkiedeeJr explains the creative process behind the album to his fans. He says the album trailer:

“is a visual representation of the journey/inspiration that took place for the making of MDB. Los Angeles opened our eyes to what’s possible for us and showed me that if we keep doing what we’re doing there is no reason what we want won’t come to fruition.”

MarkiedeeJr’s desire to create a visual narrative and his skill in doing so is, no doubt, assisted by his professional background as a photographer and video editor. He also co-owns a clothing brand which is another outlet for his creative and entrepreneurial talents.

The artist succinctly describes his musical style as “a blend between early 2000’s R&B and modern hip-hop/R&B”. When describing the creative process behind the new album “Modern Day Blues”, MarkieedeeJr explains that:

“This project brings me another step closer to being the full-fledged artist I want to be. This music is a collective of songs individually, as well as a story from start to finish of infidelity and hardships in a relationship. I want you all to pay attention to the evolution, cause the next project is… imma save that for another day 😂 Modern Day blues May 6th, enjoy”.

“Modern Day Blues” has the following 11 tracks:

“L.A. Nights”.
“Casamigos” (Friendzone)
“Bad Girl”
“She’s at the Door”
“Modern Day Blues”
“Am I Invited”
“But I love it”
“Sleep Tight”
“This is for You”

The title track from the album, “Modern Day Blues” transports the listener to a mellow listening experience and really sets the tone for the remaining 10 tracks on this album. With each song you get a sense of not only the natural versatility of the artist, but also how willing he is to experiment with musical mixing techniques, comping, fading and tempo to deliver a unique sound for his rapidly growing fan-base.

Album artwork

Each track on “Modern Day Blues” has a distinctive sound and feel and each song demonstrates the skill not only of the singer/songwriter but the excellent production team behind the artist including the following:

Elavy X Dionso.
Everett Saint
Ish X
AJ Sounds

“Modern Day Blues” is an appropriate anthem for young millennials trying to find their way in life and it suggests ways of relating to their friends and lovers. MarkiedeeJr shows his level of empathy and insight for those of his generation and the challenges they face as they negotiate life and love in a complicated world.

The sublime tracks “Sleep Tight” and “This is for You” effectively demonstrate the artist’s vulnerable, romantic side as well as his impressive vocal range with an imaginative mixing technique and choice of backing instruments.

The full album “Modern Day Blues” is out now on all the usual streaming platforms. Add this one to your playlist.

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