Interview With Musician and Fashion Artist Radmila Lolly

1. Hello Ms Radmila Lolly. How are you?
Thank you for having me. Such a pleasure to be here with you. Things are going extremely well despite the pandemic. I’ve been blessed.

2. You are a successful Music and Fashion artist. What and who inspired you to come this far in your journey?
Thank you for asking, I’ve had a colorful and stimulating upbringing. My mother inspired me to sing and compose music. She certainly shaped my future from an early age, and made me believe that I can accomplish anything as long as I work hard at it.

3. We would like to know more about your music career, about your struggles, and how the audience is loving your work so far.
So on a daily basis I have to always keep working towards my goals so people can see my vision. It is not easy to keep everything moving forward at times but I am fortunate that I have good family, friends and a team that always has my back.

4. Until now, you have released many songs and debuts that have been hits. What is that one song that broke all records and became the reason for your recognition in the industry?
Magic” is one of my latest songs released in 2021. It’s been very successful on TikTok, and I love to see people do it as a TIkTok dance challenge.

5. So Ms Radmila Lolly, last year had been a nightmare for everyone due to the pandemic. What helped you cope with it and keep going as an artist?
Life has never been an easy path for me, but I’ve always made the best of my circumstances. I’m used to dealing with some form of adversity or another. For this reason, I was able to cope well with pandemic, and used it as an opportunity to refine my craft, especially in the arena of music.

6. You are such an amazing singer. What made you enter into the world of fashion?
Early on in my career I wore other designers clothing. As I started to wear my own designs I would receive numerous compliments from people, especially in the fashion world. So the natural transition was to launch my own designer collection and the rest is history.

7. Ms Radmila, we have seen you reach heights in a short time. According to you, what is the most important life tip to be successful in your passion and profession?
I believe that being resilient is the key. No matter what people say or whatever the odds, I believe that never giving up and being diligent at whatever the endeavor you undertake is important.

8. What will be your advice to other fellow artists who are still struggling to make their names in the industry?
Never give up and always follow your dreams. Also, put a lot of time effort and whatever else you have to make your assign a reality.

9. We know your next, most important project is Diva. You have been working on Diva for more than says Daily Reuters. Would you like to share more details about it and also let us know your other upcoming projects?
The Diva story is exciting to me because it has a lot of plot twists. The book was really fun for me to write. The characters came to life for me very naturally. Can’t wait to release it in 2022.

10. Ms Radmila Lolly, if the audience wants to contact you, what is the most feasible platform for them to reach out to you?
Instagram @radmilalolly.


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