Where to Study Music in the US: 6 Best Music Schools in the Country

Dreaming about a career as a musician? Music school can give you a head start. You’ll grow
your skills, get mentorship from industry experts, and participate in your first concerts.

Music schools offer diverse programs that will help you to fulfill your potential. However, it
might be challenging to choose the right place. We’ve checked the reputation, curriculum,
performance opportunities, facilities, faculty, and accomplishments of alumni of American
music schools. Here is a handpicked list of educational institutions with the most promising
music programs, both classical and contemporary.

1. Curtis Institute of Music

Philadelphia, PA

The Curtis Institute of Music is a dream school for all young and talented musicians. It
maintains an all-scholarship policy, making tuition free for all undergraduate and graduate
students. In return, Curtis requires excellence and commitment to its values and mission.

The institute takes a “learning by doing” approach and does everything to engage students
in performances. To become a successful future composer, performer, or conductor, you’ll
need to focus on real-world training. Leave less exciting assignments to professional essay
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performance opportunities that come your way.

2. Manhattan School of Music

New York, NY

This is a private music conservatory that specializes in classical music, jazz, and musical
theatre. You can choose any program from vocal arts and conducting to orchestral
performance and organ.

At the Manhattan School of Music, you can learn from the best. Its faculty members are
leading performers of the New York Philharmonic, the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, and
the Metropolitan Opera.

The curriculum of the school is rather rigorous, but there are easy ways to deal with papers
on music theory and analysis. Order an essay from the writing service and get some extra
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3. Juilliard School

New York, NY

Founded in 1905, the Juilliard School is one of the largest and most prestigious performance
arts conservatories in the US. It is highly competitive. In 2020, its acceptance rate was only

The Music Division of the school is the largest and the most diverse. It offers undergraduate
and graduate programs on full-time enrollment. Juilliard aims to inspire young talents and
offers them multiple artistic paths to explore.

The school has a couple of tuition-free programs. These are Artist Diplomas in Opera
Studies, all DMA programs, as well as Performance and Historical Performance majors.

4. Berklee College of Music

Boston, MA

Berklee College of Music is the largest independent college of contemporary music not only
in the US but also in the world. It is renowned for its contribution to the study of jazz and
modern music.

At Berklee, students get to experience different areas of the music industry thanks to an
interdisciplinary curriculum. You can find and enroll in undergraduate, graduate, summer,
and even online programs. The college offers 12 majors and more than 30 principal
instruments for those interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree.

Berklee Online is an amazing platform that allows students to join the vibrant community at
Berklee virtually. You can take individual courses and masterclasses or even earn a
bachelor’s or master’s degree online. Berklee faculty has created more than 150 courses on
everything from Music Production to Improvisation and Orchestration.

5. San Francisco Conservatory of Music

San Francisco, CA

This is a world-class conservatory with a hundred-year history. It offers a versatile curriculum
that facilitates artistic, intellectual, and professional development. It prepares students to
excel as musicians.

The conservatory invites young people to join their student body of about 450 students. The
school is moderately selective, with an acceptance rate of 48%. Most of the conservatory
students receive a full or partial scholarship to cover their tuition and other expenses.

The school has impressive facilities. Students get to work with the finest instruments in state-
of-the-art classrooms. The institution also has modern performance halls like the Caroline H.
Hume Concert Hall, the Sol Joseph Recital Hall, and the Osher Salon.

6. Cleveland Institute of Music

Cleveland, OH

This private conservatory promotes “classical training for the modern musician.” The
Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) is for people who are truly devoted to classical music.

A lot of the faculty members are performers of the Cleveland Orchestra. Besides, the
institute often welcomes visiting artists from all over the world. At CIM, students get coaching
and mentorship from renowned musicians, which allows them to reach their full artistic

The school offers diverse and rigorous coursework. Students enjoy plenty of experiential
opportunities and learn how to create and perform the repertoire.

To Conclude

If music is your true passion, pursuing a degree in one of these prestigious music schools is
your ticket to success. They have impressive programs, experienced faculty members and
offer plenty of opportunities for students to perform and develop their practical skills. These
are key factors that allow graduates to thrive in the competitive world of the music industry.