REDD Releases New Single “Weak”

Up-and-coming artist REDD has just released her single “Weak” on YouTube and HearNow. It was written by REDD and Antonio Kearney, who has previously worked with Justin Bieber for the song “There She Go”. The music video was shot by Lorenzo Jones, a talented storyteller with a dramatic approach to film making. It was produced and mixed by Kearney as well.

The MV has a distinctly retro vibe complete with a skating rink, arcade games, and disco lights. Everybody loves a bit of 80s nostalgia and they did great here. The visuals match well with the music. This slow jam is all about the fiery passion of an unexpected affair, the kind that makes you go “weak”. It’s hard to resist even if you are not sure if it’s right or where it’s heading. All you know is that you can’t stop.

REDD is depicted waiting alone patiently for the lover to come, singing in anticipation. Her sweet yet sultry voice gives the song an extra punch. The lighting is superb with every frame painted beautifully in a wide range of colors. The lover was never shown on the screen so viewers are left to fill the blank with their imagination. It’s a brilliant move that allows people to determine their own ending.

This modern love theme is short, sharp, and sexy. The thumping bass underscores the palpable tension in the air. You can almost feel the lovers step towards each other as the song gets into high gear. The chorus is simple yet hypnotic. The rich layers of voices and instruments blend provide an interesting complexity that doesn’t go overboard. It almost feels unfortunate that it ends so soon.

If you are looking for new music to listen to, then give this single a listen and see whether you like it.