5 Important music production gadgets that your first recording studio must have

Building your first recording step is one of the first steps you can take in your musical journey. Of
course, you will need to do this with great commitment and planning because this will be a long-
term investment. Whether you want to build a recording space in your home or you’ll be buying a
dedicated area elsewhere, you must have proper equipment set up in place. According to Jesse Neo
of Gemtracks, the best way to get the right music production gadgets would be to research stuff that
you may need online and compare them based on your requirements. You can even purchase a few
latest gadgets if they fit into your budget.

Here are five important music production gadgets that your first recording studio must have.

1. Computers
With the music industry going digital, your computer is the one thing that you cannot survive
without if you want to produce music. Even though computers are important for music
production and audio recording, you also need your computer to access the internet. The
internet is something that every music artist must use. It’ll allow you to connect with your
loyal fans, interact with them, or buy beats online. This is where computers become an
absolute necessity.

2. Audio Interface and DAW
For people who might not know, a DAW or a Digital Audio Workstation is the music software
used for recording, mixing, and editing music on your computer. You will need the audio
interface to complement the DAW too. Your audio interface is the hardware that’ll connect
with the computer with the rest of your musical gear.

3. Different microphones for different purposes
Microphones are very important when it comes to producing music professionally. For
someone who is setting up their first recording studio, you need to know that a single
microphone will not be enough for professional production. In fact, you’ll be needing dozens
of microphones for different purposes. You could start out with one or two microphones for
basic vocal recording but gradually, as you grow as a music artist, you should keep on adding
different types of microphones to your collection.

4. High-quality headphones
You simply cannot miss out on a pair of high-quality headphones if you are setting up your
first recording studio. Your headphones will cancel out the noise while you record and let
you concentrate on your music. There are tons of amazing headphone options online. You
will be fine as long as you buy headphones recommended for professional music artists.

5. Studio monitors
A studio monitor is the professional equivalent of the regular speakers sold in the market.
Studio monitors will give a flat frequency response that’ll allow the music artist to detect the
flaws in their tracks and make changes accordingly to get a better track. Any high-quality
studio minor will be a bit expensive but it is recommended that you still buy it because it’ll
be a worthy long-term investment.

These are some of the important music production gadgets that you will require for your first
recording studio. Gradually, you must upgrade with time as you grow and become a bigger artist. Be
sure to buy high-quality products as they’ll deliver the best results and last for a longer time.  When
this goes to plan, you would have a better chance of getting accepted in playlist submissions.


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