Essay about the Role of R&B Music in Culture

It is normal for college students to find it difficult to understand an essay topic. But the big issue is how to write an essay according to the instructions of the paper. An essay topic related to the role of R&B music may pose a little challenge. Students often need a well-written sample to get the perfect picture of what to write. If you are a student with a similar topic, go through this sample essay, and use it as a guide.

Sample Paper: The Role of R&B Music in Culture

Music connects human beings irrespective of culture, ethnicity, or race, and this has become accepted in many regions of the world. Rhythm and Blue or R&B is of African-American origin born popular in the 1940s but has a growing fan base in contemporary times. The role of the R&B lies in connecting with the people, expressing personality, and asserting cultural freedom.

Rhythm and Blues provide the avenue for musicians in this genre to find expression and connect with the people of a particular culture. Like every human on earth, these musicians have encountered life problems. They face racial discrimination and continuous harassment from law enforcement agents. 

Since R&B had its origin from the Black experience (Shaw 71), the emotional connection is often intense. An example of the experience that triggers the same emotional expression is the case of Trayvon Martins.  George Zimmerman shot and killed Martins on February 26, 2012. R&B uses an incidence like this to find expression and create a familiar voice, especially for the black community. 

The intimacy and the ability to relate to the content of R&B music play an essential role in culture, especially in black communities. Most musicians in this genre use their songs as a platform for passing a message or expressing their personal beliefs. 

Although it can turn into a civil movement or used for political propaganda (Higgins 1), in some cases, it has a humanizing end. Imagine how influential the voices and personality of R&B musicians would be in a time of the global pandemic. These powerful voices can make governments begin to care for the masses. Thus, the outcry will yield better healthcare and lasting infrastructure. 

Freedom to live and practice inherited culture can come under threat by social and political forces. R&B, and the movement it drives, can be a force for good and help in liberating cultures considered to be less civilized.

 Limited understanding of the culture of other people can cause social frictions and the inability to live in harmony. With well-written lyrics and well-presented songs, R&B can articulate the grievances by lesser cultures. This will unite different cultures and generate mutual understanding and respect for all cultures of the world. 

The role of R&B music in culture goes beyond the melody, sweet voices, and instrumentals. It connects people who share a common history, presents an avenue to pass global messages, and becomes a tool for racial and ethnic freedom. With the discouragement of the use of arms and ammunition and the approval of non-violent means, R&B can use its popular music genres to forge unity and understanding between cultures. 

Rounding Off

Once you have written your essay according to the above format, you should go ahead to choose a style of reference. If you look at the sample essay, you will notice some in-text citations. This is in the MLA style or Modern Language style, but you may pick APA style or ASA style depending on the requirements of the paper. 

Some supervisors give students the freedom to choose the style of their choice. The important thing is to pay attention to the instructions for the paper. The lack of following instructions can lead to a failed paper. Thus, you will lose the efforts and money spent. 

It is impossible to downplay the importance of proper research, as this serves as the bedrock for an excellent paper. There are many offline books and tons of online resources that can serve as authentic sources of information. When you gather the necessary ideas and materials, writing an essay on R&B will be easy. 

The reason most students claim to not get materials for their essay is that they did not search in the right places. Google Scholar and JSTOR Research are some of the right places to find materials for academic research. 

The bottom line is to view the sample essay, take note of the thesis statement, and understand how to write the topic sentence and detailed explanation of each point in the paragraph. But sometimes the pressure of academic work can be overwhelming, or you needed to come to terms with the technicality of essay writing. At that point, you may seek help from AffordablePapers to get your essay written for you at a reasonable price.


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