Chris Brown’s latest work with Joyner Lucas and crazy video of a fan trying to access his home

Joyner Lucas’ new album featuring Chris Brown is out now after several jokes about being pushed back for many years due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Brown is among the ones who are on the album on a track titled “Finally”. On the other hand, the pop/hip-hop sensation experienced a potential break-in to his mansion. 

Joyner Lucas Releases his Album With a Chris Brown Feature

It took a lot of months to build the hype around Joyner Lucas’ new album which has been on the works for quite a long time. To create the hype, Lucas releases several singles like “Revenge”, “I Love”, and “Isis”. Joyner Lucas’ ADHD is the next to his 2017 release.

ADHD’s tracklist is full of famous and in-demand artists, including Chris Brown, Timbaland, Logic, Young Thug, and many more. Joyner Lucas released a music video for his track “Will” which is a video parody of Will Smith’s movie roles. However, it wasn’t straightly a parody, as Joyner Lucas means to honor Will Smith on the video. It turns out that Will Smith saw the video. He stated that he was humbled and felt honored upon watching the music video for “Will”. Joyner Lucas responds as well and says that he thinks he’s dreaming.

Artist could not perform in Canada

Chris Brown was not allowed to perform in Canada as he could not travel to another country. According to an official statement, Chris’s concerts were canceled due to immigration issues. At the end of the February 2020, the artist had two concerts in Toronto and Montreal. Chris loves visiting Canada and almost every year he has very controversial shows there. Song-writer admires the nature of Canada and along with it, he is visiting different casino venues there. Brown also gives few private performances in Canadian casinos. Only VIP guests can attend his private shows and there are rumors that those shows are wild. Chris is a big fan of casino games himself and his VIP shows always include actual tournaments. Blackjack games, poker tournaments, slots machines, and Chris Brown’s music taste makes those VIP night special. Canada is not happy with Chris Brown as he was not allowed to enter the country. Artists tweeted that both shows in Montreal and Toronto were ‘sold out’ but he could not deliver performance due to politics. Journalists could not understand what does ‘immigration issues’ mean because Chris was able to deliver performance in those cities in the past few years. 

Chris Brown’s Stalker Sneaks in his Property and Claims that She’s a Lover

Since February, a strange thing happens with Chris. The artist’s household in Los Angeles faced attempted trespassing from his fans. The hip-hop hitmaker recorded everything and turns out that the fan used the gate to break-in his property. Brown posted the trespassing video on social media, Instagram, and since then have circulated, seen my thousands of people. In the video, we can see Brown peeping over a railing while the women who snuck in are speaking gibberish. The distance makes it hard to know what she’s talking about.

The artist puts a caption on the video he uploaded, saying “MENTAL ILLNESS IS REAL”.  He added that the trespasser saw the dog while she is sneaking in. The trespasser shouts to the singer, asking if she knows a woman named “Lorena”, to which Brown answers with a no. The woman didn’t take his answer but instead insisted that he does. Brown told the woman that she’s insane while pointing out that his neighbors are also ushering in to record the commotion. The woman lastly shouts that she is Brown’s “life partner”. After the remark, security got involved. The singer isn’t new to stalking and trespassing as he already has experienced something more extreme than this before. In 2016, Daniel Patti, another stalker trespassed inside Brown’s household. She did it three times and the worst one being when she actually got inside the house and verbally harassed the artist.

Daniel Patti also claimed that she and the singer got together. Brown denies this claim. Another time when he was from a trip, he found his door hinges broken, and an “I Love You” spay on his kitchen. He then found the trespasser inside his bedroom and proceeded to post a picture of her to his social media account. The artist vented out on social media regarding his stalker and harassment encounters. He stated that he loves his fans, but everything that is happening to him and his home is beyond crazy. The hip-hop star has been releasing constant work over the last decade, but as of the moment, he is on a hiatus. Joyner Lucas’ track with Chris Brown will be the artist’s final work.


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