Video: Nicole Bus – Mr. Big Shot

Roc Nation’s R&B sensation Nicole Bus supports her debut album KAIROS, by releasing the much-anticipated music video for her latest single, “Mr. Big Shot.”

About the song, Bus told us, “I felt my love for Bob Marley and Reggae growing up really stood out in the single. Being the leading track in my debut album KAIROS, I had to make the single special. Making the song, I thought to myself, ‘how do I get both women and men engaged in the song?’ Adding the perspective of the man feeding into his ego throughout the song while singing from the side of the woman gives listeners both sides of the story.”

She continued, “The best stories, to me, are told from the narrative of both the “good” and “bad,” and writing “Mr. Big Shot” from that perspective gave me life in making the song lively. Adding drums and instruments to complement the production to the song, to me, makes it more livelier and engaging to listen to. I’m glad my vision is similar to fans throughout the world because of the praise the song is getting.”

Bus also shared her insight for the video, “I wanted to inject my artistic nature into it. The art you see in the teaser trailer comes from the type of aesthetics I love to see and curate, so I hope viewers enjoy the video as much as I loved making it.”

The newcomer began her journey with the release of “You,” paving the way for, ‘KAIROS.’ The track spent five weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s “Adult R&B Song” chart.


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