Love In Many Languages Defines UMI in ‘SUKIDAKARA’

Japanese-African-American artist UMI released the new song “Sukidakara” and its music video. Sung primarily in Japanese, Sukidakara roughly translates to “because I like you” in English. The single is an effortless blend of Japanese and English singing, which revolves around the narrative of trying to get the guy she likes to notice her. An official video accompanies the seamless blend of languages and beautiful sung tune with a narrative in a similar fashion. The single is written by UMI, and produced by 8ROKEBOY.

UMI’s love for anime is showcased throughout the video with her daydreaming and other occurrences in anime style drawing along with real-life situations with her crush. Similar to how Kid Cudi used animation in his breakout hit track, “Day ‘N’ Night,” the cartoon visuals blend in perfectly with the real-life clips. The film is directed by directors Taofik Kolade and Will Kindrick, and produced by Susan Agostinelli.

The song and video is the second offering to be released from ‘Love Language,’ a forthcoming visual EP, due out October 30 on Loud Robot. Recently, UMI released Love Language’s debut track, “Love Affair.”

Love Language is propelled by UMI’s upbringing as a mixed-race girl in America. Feeling out of place during her transition to America, she turned to music from Sade, Erykah Badu, Seiko Matsuda, and more to help her find her place in the world. The EP explores topics of race and identity through UMI’s lens as a mixed-race woman in the music industry. Fundamentally, it’s about love and the many ways it is received and given.

UMI wrote and produced the EP in Los Angeles and worked with a team including writer Taofik Kolade and director Will Kindrick to write, cast, animate and direct the EP’s four parts. UMI has partnered with Loud Robot, a new music label from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot, for the release of ‘Love Language.’ In the meantime, tune into “Sukidakara”

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