TJ Jackson Builds His Own Legacy With New Video For Single ‘INSOMNIA’

TJ Jackson is a familiar name in the industry as he is directly related to musical geniuses and royalty. Being the son of the iconic Tito Jackson, and nephew to the King of Pop Michael Jackson and legendary singer Janet Jackson; T.J. has always been accustomed to being in the spotlight.

However, he is making waves as his own artist! Gaining recognition as a global music star on his own, TJ and his brothers formed the group 3T and gained superstardom throughout the world! Even surpassing legendary groups such as Boyz II Men and Babyface in overseas record sales amassing a second-ranking behind The Spice Girls, as the biggest-selling group in Europe. He recently took a 10-year hiatus from music for personal reasons, but now, TJ wants to build on the legendary Jackson name more than ever now!

To assist in that venture, TJ Jackson recently debuted his long-awaited first single, “INSOMNIA,” which showcases his sultry vocal prowess as he boldly states his intentions to become the ladies’ Christian Gray 2.0. On the song, he transitions into an industrial crooner known to sooth the ladies with classic R&B. A complimentary video, which was shot in Paris, only further heightens the sultry nature of the song.

“Baby you know this feels so good, We can go till sunrise, As long as I’m on top of you, soul to soul, My love you blowing my mind,” – A preview of TJ Jackson’s lyrics in “INSOMNIA” meant to showcases Jackson sultry appeal to women!

The single is the embodiment of seductive emotions fit for “that special person near to your heart.” It showcases a more tantalizingly and mature nature to TJ. He has a conversation with listeners through a steamy falsetto blended with an astounding pitch that seamlessly connects melodies. As a single meant to soothe the soul, it only heightens the anticipation of what’s coming next from him. TJ Jackson is back and ready to take over the industry. Join him on his journey by viewing the video here!