Lyrica Garrett Releases Summertime Love Story Visual For Single “Summertime Love”

Reality TV star and recording artist, Lyrica Garrett releases the visuals for her latest single, “Summertime Love.”

Garrett is a hopeless romantic. Over the years, she has released love songs that coincide with the seasons. In 2014, the singer and songwriter released “Season of Love,” which is a visual celebration for the holidays. In the clip, the singer is surrounded by loved ones and is filled with joy, love, and laughter. Fast forward to 2017, she dropped “December Love,” a cinematic film of Garrett falling head over heels in love with a guy she met in passing, creatively fantasizing a romantic winter night with him. The video for her latest single, “Summertime Love,” shows Garrett vacationing with her girlfriends for the summer and subsequently catches the eye of a guy she is eager to start a summer fling with.

“Summertime Love” has a classic R&B, slow jam vibe. In the lyrics, she makes it clear what she is looking for this summer: “I wanna’ play with somebody… I’m looking for a summertime love, playing in the summer rain, summertime love to drive away all my pain, summertime love, hold me in the summer night, summertime love.” Garrett has a sweet voice and smooth vibrato that triggers listeners to feel her passion and emotions.

Garrett’s first love has always been music. The Texas native started her career at age 12 when the legendary performer Tina Turner discovered her. She has done a few tours in the US and Europe and even toured for two years with a production called The Wiz. The singer has worked with icons like Rick James, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross, just to name a few. Before Ike Turner’s death, Garrett performed with him on some of his biggest hits.

Besides being a singer, she is a supporting cast member from the reality television show VH1 Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Garrett has been featured in episodes alongside her daughter Lyrica Anderson who shares the same passion for music as her mom.

Looking at the time and energy Garrett puts in her music videos, it is evident that she enjoys creating theatrical storylines for the songs. A good quality the R&B singer has is allowing herself to be vulnerable about her feelings on love. This quality alone makes it easier for fans to identify with Garrett’s music, no matter the age and gender they are. Make sure to watch the summer romance-filled visual, out now.