7 New Artists You Should Look Out For

The authenticity of singers in the music industry is resurfacing and becoming more mainstream. Artists like H.E.R., Daniel Caesar, Ella Mai have changed the music game with their extraordinary musical abilities. Now more than ever, more musically inclined artists are surfacing and taking the music industry by storm. Check out these seven new singers who are making waves this year: Chris Scholar, Vory, Etta Bond, Jon Vinyl, Mahalia, YEBBA and Ari Lennox.

Each one of these artists offers something different to the music industry. Chris Scholar is a creative genius when it comes to creating visual concepts for his music. Being trained by icon Usher, he performs sleek dance moves with his falsetto range. Vory has a unique sound that sets him apart from other male artists with his clean vocals on rhythmic beats. Etta Bond brings boldness and relevance to the industry with her progressive style of music. Bond’s transparency and soft, sweet, mellow voice draw fans towards her projects.

For a guy to be so young, John Vinyl has such a passionate and rich sound that is remarkable. He can truly be the next heartthrob, slow jam, R&B artist. Mahalia is making big moves in music; she has toured with R&B sensation Ella Mai. Both singers share creative, relatable, catchy tracks, but Mahalia differentiates herself with her jazzy voice and acoustic soul sound.

YEBBA is a dynamic singer. Her ambiance reminds you of Adele with the passion and soul they both have when they open their mouths to sing, but what is distinctive about YEBBA is her exceptional vocal range and ability to effortlessly perform rifts and runs. Lastly, Neo Soul queen Ari Lennox is on the rise for her eccentric style and personality that makes her adored by fans. Lennox’s soulful voice and charismatic sound is sure to be one of the new faces of new school R&B. These talented singers are all on the rise as they leave an unforgettable impression with their unique vocal abilities and musical presence.

Chris Scholar

The Richmond native is a triple threat artist that can dance, sing, and directs his own music videos. The singer/songwriter is an independent recording artist, who has worked with the industry’s best, including Harold Lilly, Elvis “Black Elvis” William, Nico & Vinz, BJ the Chicago Kid, French Montana and more. Back in 2017, he released the single “Ou Yeah,” off of mixtape “#PersonalUseOnly.” His sound is a mixture of Hip Hop and R&B, with airy vocals and thought-provoking visuals.


The rising singer has appeared on Bryson Tiller’s record-breaking single “Don’t.” Since then, he has released solo projects and music including his recent EP “Say,” produced by Boi-1da and Lou Bell. The singer’s favorite song on the album is “Save Me Now,” which is an honest, heartfelt song fused with a trap sound.

Etta Bond

This UK R&B sensation has gained popularity with her latest two-part EP, “He’s Mine.” The singer uses her soulful voice to merge her creative values with her political messages. One of the most important themes in her music is advocating feminist expression. The EP is Bond getting personal about the ups and downs of relationships, vulnerability, and romance.

Jon Vinyl

Born in Toronto, Canada, Jon Vinyl is an emerging R&B singer with smooth vocals. Vinyl has released several singles including “Nostalgia” and “Star-Crossed.” The 20-year-old recently released visuals for his new song “Addicted,” which is a traditional, slow jam, downtempo single, inspired by his influences Luther Vandross, Jodeci, and Maxwell. Cosigned by friend Shawn Mendes, Vinyl is quickly gaining more following in the new wave of R&B music.


Mahalia is an international artist with undeniable talent and vocals. Early this year, she released the catchy R&B song, “Do Not Disturb,” which will instantly play over in your head after you listen to it. The upbeat track is produced by Felix Joseph. The song details the pain and hurt caused by an ex-lover and eventually gets over him, by the end of the song. Mahalia is set to release a new project this summer and will be headlining shows in the U.S. She made YouTube’s One to Watch’ List in 2018 and is sure to increase popularity with the release of her debut album, “Love and Compromise,” coming soon.


Powerhouse YEBBA (Abby Smith) is a songwriter and vocalist that went viral in 2016 with an emotional performance of the song, “My Mind.” Since then, she has performed various covers of popular secular and gospel songs. YEBBA released heartfelt pieces like “My Mind,” and “Evergreen,” which shows off the singer’s range and vocal control. She has worked with gospel singer PJ Morton with a Grammy nomination for the song “Deep Is Your Love,” featured on Sam Smith’s album, “Thrill of It All,” and recently recorded a song with Ed Sheeran called “Best Part of Me,” Live at Abbey Road.

Ari Lennox

Dreamville artist Ari Lennox has a strong fan base that enjoys her soulful vocals and hilarious Instagram post. She was recently featured on J Cole’s “Revenge of the Dreamers III” album and performed on “A Colors Shows” series, showing off her majestic rifts and runs of her unique vocals. Her debut album, “Shea Butter Baby,” has seen critical acclaim and is accredited as “her breakout.”