Listen to ‘Crew Nights’ With ¿IDK? Mir

The phenomenon of Philadelphia, ¿IDK? Mir is back with a copacetic video and matching single titled “Crew Nights.” The Life Music Group’s new signee shows off his dynamic wordplay and delivery in this catchy new single. His hooks captivated me in a manner similar to a Partynextdoor or a PNB Rock track, and that’s powerful! He shares the same singing rap/R&B vibe we love from both of them and adds his own flare to it, which makes it genius! Add in amazing production and you got another hit for ¿IDK? Mir. He is surely deserving of the praise top notch hip hop blog Respect The Mag gave him.

¿IDK? Mir’s video concept not only captured the feel of the song, it gave it a new perspective. Flashy neon lights, shots of a beautiful city landscape, and him simply reciting the song’s lyrics in various positions made me feel the impact of the record deeper. From the first listen, I thought the track was just about getting lit with your friends and having a good time! However, the shots of him expressing pain on the piano gave deeper context to the song. The video reminded me of Kanye West’s classic video for the single, “Flashing Lights.”

He mentions a girl he loves; I realized he’s struggling between choosing his girl and his crew. It’s a clever composition as many men, including myself, can struggle with this concept. Most songs that have a lively beat usually don’t contain duality in lyrics like “Crew Nights” but this is one of those and it makes it masterful to listen to over and over again! If you enjoyed his breakout hit “Losing My Brain,” you’ll love what “Crew Nights” has to offer. A strong showing from ¿IDK? Mir to end the summer which sets up a prime opportunity to end 2019 with a bang for the rising independent artist.