Sii Drops Soulful Tune In ‘Part One: Help Me’

I streamed “Part One: Help Me” through my apple music rotation and something about the song grasped my attention immediately. The electronic production and Sii’s soulful voice made this song something original and wonderful. A new genre might have been birthed with this song, which I might title “Techneo-soul” with maybe even a slight alternative element.

On every listen to “Part One: Help me,” the listener should be able to visualize looking up at a clear night sky with multiple star constellations. While making you feel good, the actual lyrics are very dark but is subtly sung behind a mixture of classic R&B and auto-tune. It’s as if Sii intentionally sang her lyrics very softly to have it blend in with the production so listeners play it multiple times to fully grasp the very transparent meaning of the song.

The song is about Sii crying for help, as she is dealing with being abused by her lover, and her “escape” is taking Percocets. Throughout the record, she also asked for somebody in particular to save her. While being rather short with the song, only having approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds of playtime, this part one is shaping up for a potentially chilling and soothing follow up in part 2.

Take Lady Gaga, Sia, Rihanna, and a dash of Paramore, and you get “Part One: Help Me.” Personally, I got major “Man On The Moon” Kid Cudi type of emotions from the track, and that’s a great thing. Amazing production, transparency of meaning, clever storytelling, and a unique feel make “Part One: Help Me” by Sii a must-play for any fan of good music, regardless of what genre you think the song fits under.

Listen to Part One: Help Me Here: