EXCLUSIVE: Jovanie Is Defining The ‘New’ Brooklyn and Living His Dreams with Lots of ‘Magic’

Jovanie is the ‘new’ Brooklyn – and he’s using social media to push all of the Borough’s cultural ‘Magic.’

The social media pioneer/obsessor is using the many platforms to boost his career and get in touch with his fan base. Before his local peers, he learned that covering classic R&B songs would help him get noticed by industry professionals and fans around the world. And with his first single “Whip;” it did. The milestone solidified his positioning as an up-and-coming young star in the industry. Since then, he has been making major strides to become a household name in the music industry. By working with artists such as Lil Yatchy, Partynextdoor, and Ne-Yo, he’s just really starting to notice his full potential.

Singersroom’s Livengoodlivin phoned Jovanie for an hour-long conversation that was verbally transparent, and it left no question unanswered. Check out the in-depth Q&A below:

LL: Who are your favorite artists of the following decades starting from the ’80s until present? And how have the artists out of those generations influenced you? Who the most?

JO: For the ’80s, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Prince because they’re legends. They’ve impacted not only me but every other current artist I looked up to today! Personally, MJ had the biggest influence because he is one of the greatest entertainers in history, and I aspire to be in the realm one day. His performances and music touched the hearts of millions. An example of a song that touched me personally was “Man In The Mirror.” Every time I hear it, I feel the emotions of the song! The transparency is amazing! I wished I could’ve worked with him!

For the ’90s, I have a multitude of artists who have influenced me greatly! Tupac Shakur, Teddy Riley, Ice Cube, The Backstreet Boys, Donell Jones, and Maxwell are constant fixtures in my playlists and musicians who I love dearly. Teddy Riley, personally to me, is one of the greatest writers in the history of music. I would love to pick his mind! However, just to throw this in here, I have fond memories of the Backstreet Boys since they’re 90s as well. I remember singing “I Want it That Way,” with my sister. They helped draw me into my music!

For the ’00s, I definitely would have to say B5, Dru Hill, Jagged Edge, 112, Chris Brown, and Panic! at the Disco. Being that I was born in 2001, this generation holds a special place in my heart. Hearing these artists really made me want to research the overall history of music. To be a great musician, I learned to be a great student. Obviously, for this generation, I would have to say Chris Brown influences me the most! His overall growth as an artist today inspired me so much! I really want to make music with him!

LL: Well, you have an impressive taste in music! All the musicians you’ve named are very in tune with their audience. How do you plan to continue being in touch with the huge following you have been growing?

JO: Being a musician, there is nothing better than making my audience and people feel good when they play my song or watch me perform. One of my goals is to be an overall positive influence in mainstream R&B, so being in tune with my fans and having them feel that they’re making music with me is pivotal in that aspect.

Since, I’m in the digital age, using social media to draw in my audience at an extremely fast rate and to share my journey to the top with them is something I hold dear to my heart! It’s a great tool to show my authenticity with my audience; show my genuine spirit, drawing inspiration, and reaching more people. To sum everything up: being authentic, keeping an open mind, and being genuine; fans will hopefully keep me relevant for a long time!

LL: That’s amazing! Any fan would love to listen to you after hearing that. Now, I would like to touch upon more of the social media aspect of your movement! You’re known as a trendsetter for young artists by using modern social media tools to market yourself! From research, you’re even stopping by the Headquarters of Instagram to promote your new single “Magic.” That’s really cool! Can you elaborate on social media and this situation more?

Jo: Well, for the situation regarding Instagram headquarters, I was first inspired to reach out after doing a happy birthday sticker three months ago via my social media platforms, and it was well-received. My followers grew 300% on Facebook and 200% on Instagram, and it made me think about what if I got in touch with Instagram to promote my next song and use it to get in touch with my fans even more? So my management and publicity team reached out to Instagram, and now officially, I’ll be the first artist to live-stream in Instagram headquarters to promote stickers and preview my record “Magic” with Flip Dinero. It’s a great way for me to outreach to my fans directly, and I hope to show my love for all of my fans. I want them to see my level of humility.

Fun fact: I was apart of a social media case study about musicians and entertainers using social media mediums to break into the industry! It was due to the fact that I used Instagram primarily to first build my following to get into the industry. I covered classic R&B tracks like Usher’s “You Got It Bad” and Ne-Yo’s “So Sick.” My covers were so well received that I grew my following from only 11 to 30,000 in 4 days! So everybody who is looking to break into the industry, please, use social media as a resource! It’s your friend to connect with your audience!


LL: Wow, for your age, you are so insightful and creative with your marketing scheme to rise as an upcoming superstar in music! That’s really cool! You mentioned your new single “Magic” Ft. Flip Dinero. How was the track created? How did you get in touch with Flip Dinero, an upcoming star himself? What’s the meaning behind “Magic?”

Jo: Well, I was in the studio, and it dawned on me about the feelings people sometimes have, which they can’t explain. It was almost as if “Magic” occurred and people instantaneously have feelings for each other. This thought stuck in my head, and I decided to hit the studio to record “Magic.” After I was finished recording, I sat down with my manager AJ Ahmed and the rest of the team to brainstorm what the song was missing.

Ironically, a Flip Dinero song was playing in the background of our conversation and then boom! Flip popped up in our minds, and since my manager knows his camp, we sent off the track to them! In two hours, I got back a verse from him, and it was history! I feel like this song will touch the hearts of millions, and multiple big-time premieres will happen with it! Even, the Joe Budden Podcast and Sirius XM will premiere it.

LL: Oh, Wow! That is amazing! It’s crazy how small and connected this industry is! Joe Budden and Sirius XM, at your age? Can you elaborate on how this happened?

Jo: Well, I was recording in the studio with Hitmaka, and Joe Budden came by and started listening. He was vibing to my music, and he loved the raw emotions I portrayed. He’s an overall great guy! He is so supportive and always makes sure that I stay on track. He plays my music on his Podcast from time to time, and I’m very appreciative of it. For Sirius XM, Gray Rizzy offered me an interview because he just loved how my music sounded! It’s very humbling.

LL: It’s amazing to hear how open you are with your life! That’s powerful, and I think that will carry you very far in life. Have you always been this way? How did your transparency and openness to people start?

JO: Well, I’ve naturally been open to people and experiences my whole life. I feel that life should be lived freely, and having an open mind is the key for me to be able to experience life. Being able to show your feelings for what they are and being transparent with our image helps any musician or creator to be able to share their creative genius with the world.

One thing that helped me develop my openness and creative genius was that me and my ten siblings would sit in a circle and have singing competitions! Whoever wasn’t good would get kicked out of the circle. This helped develop my creativity, my drive to work on my craft, and the willingness to accept constructive criticism. While I wear my feelings on me, I don’t ever take it personal if somebody critiques it; I actually welcome it.

LL: That’s great! Such an inspirational conversation I’m having with you right now! Now, since we talked about your past and what led you to this point, I would like to talk about your future. Where do you see yourself in five years?

JO: In five years, honestly, I can’t speak too much, but I know for sure I will be in a great position in life. I will continue to strive for progression, and relating to my fans better than ever. I personally can’t tell you or anybody where I’ll be. However, just know I plan to be an overall musical powerhouse and an industry staple for years to come!

LL: This has been a wonderful conversation! You’re amazing, and I’m blessed to speak with you! Do you have any final thoughts?

JO: Thank you for this amazing conversation we had! For me, I will continue to be the hard-working, humble, and hungry artist I always have been!

Stream “Magic” ft. Flip Dinero below:

Written by: Livengoodlivin


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