EXCLUSIVE: Baker Grace Explains Her ‘Sad Summer,’ Performs Sold-Out Show at ‘The Echo’

Baker Grace is admirably comfortable and confident in her vocal pocket. The stillness of her piercing, straight-forward tone moves in silence, yet, executes so powerfully. And the crowd here at The Echo, a quaint venue space in the heart of Los Angeles’ Silver Lake District, is fond of the singer/songwriter’s defining approach to performance.

In the age of technology-assisted performances, the New Jersey native relies solely on her mic and a three-piece band. She strips away the trendy performance antics and gives the audience a piece of her. A refreshing take on such a simplistic and historic art.

Her fashion choices are simple: a plain white t-shirt, snap-on joggers and bone straight, blonde hair. She’s 18 years old and music is really all that matters right now; so she saves the technicolor, high fashion pieces for her eccentric Instagram feed.

Grace’s new single “Sad Summer” speaks to the introvert in all of us. Grace gives her listeners permission to shed away the daily routine of fluff, and get back to learning what’s true. The track’s upbeat production stands in contrast to the more melancholic lyrics rooted in the lines, “Gonna be a sad sad summer, such a bummer / I could be falling in love but baby I don’t give a fuck.”

The release of “Sad Summer” comes off the heels of Grace’s five-track EP, “Girl, I Know,” a concept body of work where each song corresponds to the five days of the working week and each song embodies a distinct mindset and mood. With more than a million monthly Spotify listeners, Grace’s message of self-love is Cupid’s best friend.

Singersroom caught up with Baker Grace after her pop up show to discuss her favorite musicians, her new single “Sad Summer” and to flic it up with her under some cool lights and LA art.