PREMIERE: DCMBR Displays Big Summer Vibes in New “Talk” Visual

EMPIRE records’ signee R&B/Rap artist DCMBR just released the visual for his smooth-talking single “Talk,” off his debut album “ENDLESSWINTER.” This cool kid is looking for his girls to talk to him the way he likes: when they’re making good love, or in his case, a one-afternoon stand.

The visual follows DCMBR through a day-time house party where he’s invited by one of his love interest, but being the player he is, he hooks up with every girl at the party. It goes like this: Just as he’s vibing with his initial girl on the living room couch crowded by party-goers, he’s lured to the bedroom by a new girl via a FaceTime call, only to leave her for another encounter in the laundry room, followed by a steamy shower. It was unbelievable!

But the fun doesn’t stop there, with his wit and charm, he ends the night in bed with all the women of his dreams. It had to be a long house party because he still had time to party with his boys in between his discrete missions to “Talk.”

And just like each of his missions, he’s only in it to complete the task at hand. Much like how the Los Angeles native narrates his flow and slides seamlessly over beats. It’s a nod to his ’90s R&B music influence, especially legends like Chris Brown and Michael Jackson, while also turning to modern-day music marvels, Drake and Big Sean. DCMBR became well-known for his striking sonic versatility and his ability to transition effortlessly from a soulful-R&B melody to an upbeat-club hit.

His newly released album ‘EndlessWinter,’ which released on June 28th of this year, was a two-and-a-half-year project in the making. The projects takes on a winter coat as it takes on a mindset of Winter being 12 months a year. He extracted inspiration from his past experiences in love, music, and family, as this album reflects a rollercoaster of emotions, illustrating the highs and lows of a journey to self-discovery.

After all, as long as we “Talk” about it, we can have anything we want. Ask, DCMBR.