EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Flammia Debuts Live Music Series With Single ‘Pieces’

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Flammia has announced a brand new musical series that guarantees musical bliss!

Flammia’s live performance of his single “Pieces” is the first installation of an ongoing series of intimate performances hosted by Sounds Music Group. The experience was Flammia’s idea in order to introduce media, tastemakers, and industry professionals to his curated live show.

The “Pieces” clip finds Flammia in a quaint, fully loaded loft performing his latest single while he plays the piano, which is one of five instruments he has mastered, mostly through himself. The experience shows the audience in awe and joy as Flammia’s musical essence captures the room’s foot taps and “Yeah, that boy can sing” one moment at a time.

The soulful single “Pieces” captures the feeling of knowing it’s over and there’s nothing you can do to bring it back. Flammia says his hope is that singing about his life, his heartbreak, what he went through will help someone deal with the same situation.

“Pieces” follows up last year’s “Top of My Lungs;” both tracks will appear on his forthcoming project, F.L.A.M.M. In the supporting music video for “Pieces,” Flammia sings his way through the ups, downs, twists, and turns of a failing relationship from a therapist’s couch. The setting not only serves to de-stigmatize therapy and conversations about mental health for young men of color; but also hints at the therapeutic role the project F.L.A.M.M. has come to serve in the singer’s life.

Singersroom caught up with Anthony ahead of the release to further discuss his musical process.

1. What about your live singing do you think ignites the fire in your fans?

The pain behind it. I’ve been told that my voice has a raw honesty that forces people to listen.

2. What was the most intriguing part of the live series to you?

I love how close and intimate everybody is in the space. It allows everyone to really feel the music.

3. What did you learn about yourself as an artist that you didn’t know prior to the live series?

I learned how beautiful it can be to strip down your performance and bring it back to the basics. Just a piano and my voice.

4. Why is singing live important to you?

It allows me to emphasize the emotions of each song in a different way

5. What vocalists do you look to for inspiration in order to prepare for a live series such as yours?

Bob Marley, Janis Joplin, Sade, Frank Sinatra, and Erykah Badu

6. Will we see you play different instruments throughout the live series?

Yes! The Piano and a loop station. Maybe even guitar.


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