PREMIERE – Britney Holmes – All About U

Texas native Britney Holmes brings us a sunny R&B re-imagining of Tupac’s hit “All About U” in her latest visual, taking her exposure as a fan favorite contestant on American Idol Season 16 earlier this year to new places. In recent months, Britney’s take on popular songs including Bruno Mars “Versace On The Floor” and “Chunky” have racked up nearly four million plays.

Britney took to the streets of Los Angeles to film “All About U,” serving up ’90s style vibes with director Stack Moses. “I wanted this video to be very organic, and capture a less ‘put together’ version of me, flaws and all. I wanted to capture how this song is fun, feel good, yet feminine and sexy in a way that makes it ok to be vulnerable in love.”

Britney’s decision to give Tupac’s classic an R&B spin started with a simple idea. “I had no producer, and no direction, I just knew that I wanted to put music out that reflected who I am as a young woman and all the things about music that I love – the 90’s, old school R&B, and harmonies – all the good stuff,” she explains. “One day, I was driving in my car when Pac’s record came on, and I was like ‘Damn! This song just feels so good. I need to write to it.’ It also samples Cameo’s “Candy” which I love as well. When I started to write to it, what was coming out was very real, and very me.”

In the coming months, Britney will release a mixtape featuring some of her re-imagined tracks for fans, to be followed by her official debut EP, which will be a self-titled original project. “With these releases, people can expect to get to know more of who I am as a human being. I’m allowing myself to just be me with no fear, instead of listening to what the world says is a hit, or what is pretty,” she adds.


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