Jacquees is one of the few artists out there that really knows how to pay homage to the artists that paved the way for him.

The Cash Money R&B artists pulled inspiration from Donell Jones for “23,” a song from his debut album, 4275, but Quees is taking things even further.

Recently, he released a music video for the sultry song featuring Donell as his wingman. This is one of those golden moments seeing a veteran supporting a newcomer, and in the clip, Donell even gives Quees some relationship advice about living his life and not being tied down at 23.

“I’m just a single man / That’s where I wanna be,” sings Jacquees. “Don’t need no relationship / Not when I’m 23 / I’m just a single man / But I’ll be all that you need.”

Here’s hoping that more new artists follow suit and pay homage to the artists that inspire their music.

Watch “23” below.

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