Jacquees Teams With Wale For “Black Bonnie” Video

Grammy-award winning Hip-Hop artist Wale just dropped the music video for his latest single “Black Bonnie.” Featuring R&B singer Jacquees, the song embodies the unique flow and smooth sounds that is the essence of Wale’s music.

With a unique narrative that describes the type of woman that he wants, Wale’s “Black Bonnie” delivers a song that talks about a woman who is consciously aware, militant when needs to be, loyal to a fault, and most importantly, Black. She is the Queen to her King in all forms and isn’t afraid to support him or take the lead him to where they need to go.

With a chorus that sings, “Can you be someone, I can hide my fears with. And if they got us on the run, we could still chase our dreams. Black Bonnie. Do I see my black Bonnie?” it’s clear that this woman is the perfect confidant. One of Wale’s talents is his ability to tell a story and take the audience on a journey. This song highlights his ability to talk about relationships and how they interact with reality. A gift that he exploits the hell out of.

The “Black Bonnie” music video compliments the song perfectly. Starting out with an African scene, the visuals quickly take views to moments that are very reminiscent of The Black Panther Movement. Who said that love and militantism can’t go together? Especially in the midst of black leather, guns, and protests.

From there, Wale switches it up again and takes the audience to the late 80s and early 90s. All of that before cutting to present day where he is reunited with his Queen at an organic restaurant. Though the two think that they know one another, the two don’t exactly remember the many lifetimes that they’ve spent together. Ironically, that’s when everything comes together when Wale introduces himself as the Clyde to her Bonnie. The combination of history, sociology, and romance makes for the perfect love story.

“Black Bonnie” is the second song that the rapper has released this year. The D.C. rapper hosted a music video release party for the song and music video in partnership with Remy Martin. The party held at NeueHouse in Hollywood. Attending the event was a group of star-studded guest including Michael B. Jordan, Lance Gross, Julissa Bermudez, Donovan Carter, Kris Lofton, Karrueche Tran, and Victor Cruz. Influencers like Regina R. Robertson, Ashley Blaine-Featherson, Karen Civil, and Zuria Hall were all featured on a panel that took place at his party.

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