Lexxy Goes Back in Time With ‘Deja Vu’

From her first independent project titled Things Have Changed comes Lexxy’s visual for “Deja Vu,” an interlude about how a toxic relationship catapulted her into pursuing her dreams.

“One day I walked in on my nigga laying cheating with another girl,” she sings on the song. It’s the one thing anyone in a relationship would hate to see. This experience was the start of pain that then turned into art for Lexxy; it was then she knew that instead of putting her energy into men, she should channel that energy into pursuing her goals.

About the song, Lexxy told Galore Mag:

Funny story. It all started after the 2 month relationship from hell! This song is about the reason it ended.

One day, he told me he was going to the movies with his friends, but we were supposed to have a sleepover at his house. He told me to wait for him but was taking too long, and I felt like he was up to something. So my logic was to pop up at his house and wait for him. So I did just that – popped up at his house, I mean. His brother let me in.

I went to his room and, to my surprise, walked into his room where all I see is the lights off, TV on, candles lit, and him and a woman laying in the bed together cuddled up. I literally spazzed out, cried – the whole nine. The song “Deja Vu” reflects on this moment, yet also reflects on how stupid I felt. On the first night we spent together he lit candles for me, and I was sprung. So walking in on him doing that for another girl, I was hurt, and it was a moment of deja vu.
Ironically though, if this never happened, I’d probably have taken longer with actually doing music.

Watch below:


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