Aries Says Farewell in ‘SAYONARA’ Music Video

Southern California artist Aries recently debuted the visual for his latest single “SAYONARA.” Shot in San Diego, CA, the music video was released on Sunday, June 24th via YouTube. It’s already gained a sizable amount of views, currently peaking at 117k.

The entire music video for “SAYONARA” is basically a thrown back to the 90s. And it’s not just the old television sets and shots of Pokémon on Nintendo Gameboy that give off the nostalgia. The camera angles and effects also play a factor. Just watching it, you’ll think that it’s fresh and unique, but will swear that you’ve seen this before from an old MTV music video.

With ‘SAYONARA’ Aries continues to expertly merge the boundaries between Alternative Hip-Hop, Pop Punk, and R&B. On his inspiration for the song, Aries explains that “SAYONARA focuses on goodbyes. From situations where you have to say goodbye too soon to situations where you’re not able to say goodbye at all. There’s an irony in the song as the message is pretty dark, but it’s delivered over an uplifting beat.”

The 20-year-old artist is a singer, rapper, and producer known for creating his own tracks; including this one which has over 100 different layers on it. Aries is part of a new generation of artists that have circumvented the traditional methods of reaching fans in favor of more unconventional approaches. In addition to being an artist and producer, he’s also a record label owner, founding WUNDERWORLD label (formerly Chapter 9).

Aries currently holds over 20 million total views and more than 300,000 subscribers on his growing YouTube channel. He has been making videos since 2012; most of them are tutorials on how to make beats or challenges that make the guidelines to create unique beats. He has just recently started releasing full-length projects under his WUNDERWORLD label, all sung, written, and produced by him.

Martel S. Sharpe


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