Someone is fired!

During the Poland stop on Beyonce and Jay-Z’s “On The Run II Tour” on Saturday (June 30), a staging malfunction left Beyonce stranded on a high platform and needing to be rescued.

Towards the end of the show, the singer had been performing on a high platform. After wrapping up her performance, another moving stage designed to get her down malfunctioned, leaving her stuck there. The clip (taken by a concertgoer) shows a nervous Beyonce talking to stagehands about climbing down a ladder. While the stagehands adjusted the ladder, Beyonce also gave the crowd a little dance before blowing a kiss.

One fan wrote, “Beyonce’s flying stage got broken at the end of the show in Warsaw and she had to walk down on a ladder. She also gave us a little cute dance!”

After trying to step down, they then lengthen the ladder so she can properly climb down with the support of a stagehand who kept the ladder steady beneath her.

The tour’s next stop is in Cologne, Germany on Tuesday (July 3). Check out the harrowing clip below:

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