DJ Wayne in Dis Thang Presents ‘Downtown’ Ft. Ray J & Rico Anthony

Just in time for the Summer, DJ Wayne in Dis Thang presents “Downtown” (feat. Ray J & Rico Anthony). The Oklahoma DJ, based out of Dallas, TX, is heating things up with this sexy single and has two of the most sensual R&B singers on the track to help steam things up.

“Downtown” bears the same name and meaning as the 1998 SWV hit single. The song is an anthem for guys who love to provide oral sex to the ladies and a serenade for the ladies who love to receive it. Just to prove that this is a serenade and not just another sex song, “Downtown” starts off with a beat and vocal performance reminiscent of Prince’s “Adore.” However, with lyrics like, “I just need some time with that pussy, let me take a ride on that pussy, I might slip and slide on that pussy,” the actual intent behind the song might be misconstrued.

Not only is the song out, but the music video has been released as well with DJ Wayne in Dis Thang playing a small theatrical part and both singers playing their positions. It was a great move having well-known crooner Rico Anthony and R&B singer/amateur pornstar Ray J blessing the track.


Martel S. Sharpe


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