Veteran R&B Trio Next Unveil Sexy Video For ‘I Want It’

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90s R&B group Next is reunited and it feels so good!

They’ve released a new video for their new single called “I Want It” and it fits into the category of sexy jams they’re known for. The song highlights a late-night booty call where the fellas sing about taking up an offer they can’t refuse.

Next member Terry Brown opens the song, “Two in the morning, 2 in the morning I just rolled over / I was just yawning / I checked my phone and there you were looking all sexy / and looking all good in them pics.”

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The visual is a direct reflection of the song’s concept as each member seduces with bedroom glances, however, the end sees steamy girl-on-girl action.

More music coming from Next coming soon. Watch “I Want It” below:

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