Jasmine Jordan Exposes Players in “Beloved” Video

Rising artist Jasmine Jordan says she was out of her “comfort zone” while filming the music video for her new single, “Beloved,” her first release in 2018.

In the clip, the R&B singer and songwriter shows off her sexy struts in some scenes while in others, she gets to know her new suitor, who she says is playing games.

“Beloved” paints a picture of a man who at first glance, is sexy, smooth and confident but is quickly exposed as the un-original player he really is.

“You running around here as a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing,” Jasmine sings. “You stay bluffing and then keep punting / Careful cause karma definitely will be calling.”

Jasmine, who empowers the strength of a woman that’s true to her self, notices the foul play of her new man a mile away and decides not entertain him or anyone who doesn’t understand her full value. “Beloved” is a reminder that demanding respect and knowing your worth in any relationship is the ultimate act of self-care.

Check out the video below for “Beloved”:

Here the full track on Spotify HERE.


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