REVIEW: Mother’s Day Good Music Festival Was Showstopping Despite Some Let Downs

Mother’s Day is the time of the year where mothers are honored and appreciated by their loved ones. This day is also important for maternal figures: aunts, grandmothers, godmothers, and deceased mothers.

2018 was another unforgettable year for mothers as the 3rd Annual Mother’s Day Good Music Festival took place on Saturday, May 12th at the Barclays Center. SJ Presents Inc. added a prolific music lineup, starring, Charlie Wilson, Boyz II Men, Kem, and Joe. These four R&B legends recorded love songs and ballads where people can express the magnitude of their love for someone.

Brooklyn natives were looking forward to the concert since it was one-night-only. Charlie Wilson, also known as “Uncle Charlie,” was the headliner, so audience members knew it was time to party. The 11x Grammy nominee performed his number one singles as a solo artist and earlier hits when he was the lead singer of The Gap Band. He sang, “I’m Blessed,” “You Are,” “Yearning For Your Love,” “Outstanding,” “Charlie, Last Name, Wilson,” “Beautiful,” and many more.

The energetic crowd was receptive to Uncle Charlie from beginning to end. Newcomers were impressed with his electrifying stage presence, colorful costumes, and delicate voice. Fans also appreciated Uncle Charlie’s realness especially when he mentioned previous obstacles he dealt with: drug and alcohol addiction, knee surgery, back surgery, and age. The 65-year-old singer can still put these young guys to shame when he’s singing and dancing live.

Even though Uncle Charlie’s performance was spectacular, fans were a bit perplexed during the Boyz II Men segment. Wanya, Nathan, and Shawn’s voices were breathtaking, as they sang their classics. However, audience members were disappointed and confused when the trio added a Rock-n-Roll component. They sang Lenny’s Kravitz song, “American Women,” Bruno Mars’ “Walked Outta Heaven,” and others. It was quite peculiar, and fans were not amused, especially when the trio said “Surprise.” Boyz II Men also failed to sing their signature song, “Mama.” Fans were completely outraged because they didn’t end their segment with the song that was specifically for mothers. The group said their public service announcement about their shows in Las Vegas, but they were booed off the stage. Maybe, if Boyz II Men didn’t sing other people’s songs, they could’ve performed “Mama.”

And to make matters worse, some R&B lovers didn’t see Joe and Kem’s performance due to the massive lines inside and outside of the arena. But, overall, the two R&B crooners gave it their all on stage. These two guys have love songs for days! Now, this may be a no-brainer for folks who were familiar with Joe and Kem.

Most fans were disappointed with the turnout for this concert and demanded a refund. Still, the venue was packed with guests who wanted to honor the extraordinary women in their lives. Fans heard R&B songs that left a profound impact on their hearts.