PREMIERE: Zach Mitchell Says He’s Got That ‘Sauce’

Kansas City native Zach Mitchell unveils the kickback themed video for his debut single, “Sauce.”

A blend of trap and R&B, “Sauce” was created with the energy and vibes necessary to create the ultimate party anthem. Composed of mid-tempo melodies and a flirtatious flow, Zach displays a few of his many talents.

The multi-talented artist has a list of titles under his belt — singer, songwriter, rapper, engineer, and producer…he does it all. Mitchell began singing and songwriting at the tender age of six and hasn’t let go of his yearning for the spotlight. After exercising his acting chops on national campaigns and popular shows like “Girl Meets World,” “Parks and Rec,” and “Modern Family,” he took the studio to begin laying a few tracks.

At 19-years-old, Mitchell uses the track to brag about how much his girl is feeling him in every possible way. The track is infectious and is sure to sit on a few playlists this summer.

With more coming down the pipeline, Zach Mitchell holds us over with the clip for “Sauce.” Check it out below.

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